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Fighting EX Layer gets surprise release on Switch

Published: 17:15, 01 April 2021
Picture of two Allens duking it out in Fighting EX Layer
Fighting EX Layer

Arika's Fighting EX Layer was released on Nintendo Switch somewhat silently in Japan and the western regions are going to get the game in a matter of weeks.

Fighting EX Layer flies under many radars but whenever it appears somewhere, the game provides excitement and it is no different with Nintendo Switch, where it will release on April 15, 2021, for western regions. Meanwhile, it has already been released on that particular platform in Japan.

One of the reasons we don't hear often about Arika's fighting game is that the developers don't make the announcements with much pomp. Instead, they focus on providing as much info as possible in a short period of time, usually through non-ceremonious trailers that provide a look into new gameplay or features.

It's no different with the Switch announcement video, where the developers showed off what the game will look like on the handheld platform, along with a few moves.

For those not familiar with Fighting EX Layer, it reminds of Street Fighter IV when it comes to looks and general feel while observing but features fairly unique gameplay and combat systems. The Street Fighter vibe is probably coming from the fact that Arika made Street Fighter EX series but just like that part of their history, their most recent game has its own identity.

According to the tweet announcement, Fighting EX Layer will be available in a free versions as well as one that will cost $24.99.

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