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FIFA 21 Next-gen trailer leaves us thirsty for more

Published: 15:15, 24 November 2020
FIFA 21 screenshot showing Real Madrid players celebrating
FIFA 21 is coming to Next-Gen systems on December 4.

The latest trailer for Next-gen FIFA 21 hits the bar, and leaves us holding our heads with both hands, but many new implemented features are sounding very promising and we can't wait to upgrade our FIFA 21 on December 4.

It is as if EA have finally admitted that in FIFA 21 the main weapon for the attack is pace. Looks like the Next-gen version is also going in that direction. In the awfully short trailer named "Next Level Speed", we see PSG's superstar and FIFA 21 cover athlete Mbappe drifting through Liverpool's defense and scoring a goal before doing his signature celebration. The facial expressions are really looking good.

The graphics look superb, but the ‘Next-gen engine footage’ text suggests it’s not a true gameplay video after all. We are not against trailers that use the engine footage to create CGI-ish footage, we just wish they had shown us a lot more, given that a trailer for MADDEN NFL 21 came out a few days ago and it demonstrated much more than this one for FIFA 21. 

EA SPORTS FIFA 21 screenshot showing PSG's home stadium FIFA 21 Next-gen introduces new lightning system called 'LiveLight Rendering'

At least we won't have to wait too long to see the Next-gen version in action. Both games are getting a free upgrade for PS5 and XSX/XSS consoles on December 4, through a 'dual entitlement' program.

Here's what's new in FIFA 21 on Next-gen: 

  • LiveLight Rendering -  A new deferred lighting system used to create ultra-realistic football environments. LiveLight Rendering also combines with muscle flex and strand-based hair technology to take players to an incredible new level of detail
  • New GameCam - inspired by the look and feel of top-level football broadcasts, makes a big difference to the game.
  • PreMatch Live  - adds a series of new cinematics to increase your matchday immersion. You’ll see fans streaming through the turnstiles and more as it sets the stage for the most authentic matchday experience we’ve ever been able to deliver. 
  • Big Goal Moments -  you’ll now see the absolute scenes in the stands and on the pitch after crucial goals.
  • Responsive Multi-Touch Animations -  the next level of player movement realism, enhancing the visual quality and responsiveness of linked animations on the ball, giving you more agility and control over the ball than ever before with over 700 new animation combinations. 
  • Off-Ball Humanization - players displaying more human behavior, like cleaning sweat from their face after a run, shouting for a pass, and regaining their breath after sprinting to make them feel truly alive
  • DualSense controller -  Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the DualSense wireless controller make every match feel even more real. 


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