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EA Sports Madden NFL 21 unveils Next-gen gameplay for PS5 and XSX

Published: 21:41, 18 November 2020
Electronic Arts
Screenshot of MADDEN NFL 21 running on Next-gen consoles
EA Sports MADDEN NFL 21 Next-gen

EA Sports introduces an NFL's Next Gen Stats powered next-gen player movement and replays, while new hardware unlocks the most immersive Madden NFL game to date

Madden NFL 21 is the first EA Sports game to get a Next-gen gameplay trailer, and it looks as good as one might expect. Judging by this, FIFA 21 could also be one of the nicer next-gen stories this year. We'll get a chance to see EA Sports FIFA 21 running on Next-gen steroids on November 24.

Visually, Madden NFL 21 is breathtaking in the new trailer, so at first, we didn’t even listen much to the narrator, who explained how we were going to get “The most realistic football simulation ever” with this Next-gen (free) upgrade, which many laughed at in the comments on YouTube. 

We won't judge in advance, but if half of these promises and fancy-named-features turn out to be true, fans of American football will probably get to play the best Madden in the last few years. 

Electronic Arts Madden NFL 21 Next-gen introduces "NFL Next Gen Sats" powered player movement Madden NFL 21 Next-gen introduces "NFL Next Gen Sats" powered player movement

Next-gen isn’t just about graphics here, so EA Sports has made sure that the Next-Gen player movement system is powered by the NFL Next Gen Stats. This means that real-life data, called Next Gen Stats , is fed into Madden NFL 21 to drive fluid animation selection based on how players actually move when running, cutting, and changing direction on the field creating the most realistic player movement in franchise history. 

"Every console transition year, our team is equally excited by the possibilities of new technology and inspired to develop both new and improved experiences for fans of Madden NFL. This year is no different with Madden NFL 21 representing a major step forward in the future of football gaming with the addition of real NFL player data from Next Gen Stats,” said Seann Graddy, Madden NFL 21 Executive Producer. 

“Taking advantage of the new hardware from Sony and Microsoft, our EA SPORTS team has created an incredibly immersive game that delivers the most authentic and realistic NFL experience players will have ever felt.”

Players who buy, or who have already bought, Madden NFL 21 for Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 from now to the launch of Madden NFL 22 get the Xbox Series X|S and/or PlayStation 5 version of the game for free when the new games are released on December 4. Players can carry over their progress and content in Madden Ultimate Team, The Yard, and Franchise modes. 

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