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FIFA 21 gets a game-changing feature on next-gen consoles

Published: 20:01, 03 December 2020
Updated: 20:29, 03 December 2020
Screenshot from the FIFA 21 Next-Gen opening cinematic
FIFA 21 Next-Gen

If you're one of those people who were silently (or very loudly) wishing to not have to select a language every time you start FIFA, then you are very much in luck, as the next-gen edition of the game has kissed that chore, yes - chore, goodbye.

Sports gaming fans were in for quite an awesome surprise today as EA decided to release the next-gen version of FIFA 21 a day early for "most players" . As the newly upgraded game found its place in the PS Store of our PlayStation 5 as well, we instantly grabbed it and started downloading.

Right after booting the new, polished iteration of the mammoth footie title up, we noticed how snappy everything felt. It is absolutely impossible to deny the blazing speed of PlayStation 5's SSD and its near-instant loading times, so we found ourselves on the luscious, virtual pitch faster than you can say Ben Yedder.

As you would expect from next-generation systems, the game very much looks the part. Forget the idiom, the grass is literally greener, and Mo Salah's glorious hair and beard are only matched by the amazing attention to detail of his iconic homeground that is Anfield.

Don't believe us? Watch our new graphics comparison video and be the judge yourself. Or the referee, if possible. In fact - please be the referee, because maybe then we wouldn't be giving senseless penalties left and right every single game.

Anyway, while all the new bells and whistles of next-gen FIFA 21 are well and fine, there is one feature that's gone under the radar for most people, and to us it is, quite literally, game-changing.

Namely, the new game will not ask you to select a language every time you boot it up. Can you believe it? We couldn't! We still don't! Well, we do, but you get the point. We're happy is what we're saying.

EA EA Sports FIFA 21 screenshot showing Borussia Dortmund players playing against PSG. EA Sports FIFA 21

No more booting up the game and jumping to grab a bag of Lays while it loads everything in so we can get right into action only to be met with a "Language Select" screen. Believe it or not, the game now has a brain that tells it: "Hey, this good fellow has already selected his preferred language the last 74 times. Maybe we cut him some slack now, aye?"

It is verily a welcome addition to the game. EA, on behalf of our nerves, our patience, and our general well being - we thank you for this colossal upgrade. From now on, our controllers shall only be broken when we concede a 92 minute goal and get dabbed on by a striker whose only quality is the almighty pace. Wunderbar!

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