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FCC lied about DDoS attacks, Ajit Pai blames Obama administration

Published: 09:56, 08 August 2018
Meme picture of Ajit Pai and Peter Parker from Spider-Man
FCC - I lied

Ajit Pai and his FCC entourage were under investigation by the Office of Inspector General following the entire controversy about Net Neutrality, which has unfortunately not been saved. Now new evidence points to foul play on FCC's side.

When John Oliver covered the FCC and Net Neutrality controversy in 2017, in the video above, he called for his viewers, reddit, 4chan, YouTube and users of pretty much all media on the internet to go to and comment on why they didn't want FCC and Ajit Pai to kill Net Neutrality.

Conveniently for Pai and FCC, the comments section crashed soon after and the official statement was that the site came under attack. This supposed DDoS attack was recently proven to be a red herring by FCC's Inspector General, when they pointed out that the downtime was a result of "design issues" of the FCC website and not a cyberattack.

According to , FCC have refused to "supply lawmakers with evidence showing an attack occurred", which was fishy in itself. It was further noted that David Bray, FCC's chief information officer at the time also had baseless claims of a cyberattack back in 2014.

Ajit Pai jumped at the opportunity to deflect any possible blame he could be a target of and expressed he was "deeply disappointed" that Bray provided him with "inaccurate information" during the 2017 crash.

This statement paints the whole picture af it had damaged Pai's influence in some manner but it was quite the opposite. Inability to comment on FCC only stopped Net Neutrality supporters from voicing their opinion as just about everyone has always been pro Net Neutrality.

Everyone except the big ISPs that is, one of which is Pai's former emplyoer, Verizon. If his ties with Verizon are not shady enough, perhaps the fact that of John Oliver wanting to do an episode on Net Neutrality, after which a deluge of users would come to the FCC website, but they didn't share that information with CIO or IT group, which may hint they deliberately let it crash to prevent negative feedback.

Donkey Hotey A caricature of a caricature politician that killed net neutrality. Ajit Pai

Tin foil hat time, since this comments crash seems to have been way too convenient as a means of suppressing free speech, while laying on a cushy pillow made of plausible deniability. It could also have been pure luck for Pai & FCC in their agenda pushing campaign, if you believe in such things.


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