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Far Cry 5 - a public service announcement about Bliss

Published: 12:01, 17 April 2018
Updated: 12:04, 29 November 2019
Last supper recreation by a bunch of Montana gun nuts.
Far Cry 5

Bliss is the driving force behind the Seed family's domination of Hope County. Without it, they could not achieve their evil aim of rural slavery, emotional squalor and a blatant disregard for firearms discipline. So what is Bliss?

Altchar takes drugs very seriously. That is why we have become increasingly concerned with the use of the narcotic substance known as Bliss. Found in plentiful supply in Far Cry 5, this iniquitous hallucinogen has laid waste to Hope County. Although, to be fair, it was a bit of a dump to start with.

So, in the spirit of the public good, altchar has teamed up with the fine folk of the Montana Alliance Against Mind Bending Substances (MAAMBS) to bring you a video warning against Bliss - and showing what it did to our dear friend Bob. If you've ever stood in a field of those dangerous white flowers and tried to aim a sniper rifle while smashed out of your box, you know why we're trying to help.