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Famous modder calls Capcom out for Monster Hunter: World anti-mod

Published: 06:59, 13 August 2018
Two monster hunters in armour from Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World

Kaldaien, a prominent modder whom you may know from his Special-K graphics enhancing mod for Yakuza and NieR: Automata, has rolled out the Monster Hunter: World flavoured version of the program, calling Capcom amateurs in the process.

Similar to the improvements on the two aforementioned games, Monster Hunter: World's Special-K edition adds HUDless screenshots, texture and button mods, pre-HUD ReShade, fixes for issues plaguing the game's fullscreen, CPU core count spoofer and advanced CPU monitoring.

Having said that, Kaldaien has made it clear in no uncertain terms that Capcom have done a horrible job in certain sections of the game and he said that Monster Hunter: World's anti-mod "puts FFXV's stupid anti-debug to shame."

Kaldaien is still uncertain whether "this is a part of Denuvo that has never been used before or if it's actually trumped up ad-hoc solution" from a company seemingly intent on limiting their players' creativity. It gets worse too, and if I were Capcom - I'd strongly consider what the man has to say.

Special-K creator concluded by saying that "Anti-debug / anti-mod is always bad, but it's exponentially worse when done by amateurs who do not have the necessary experience to ensure their stupid charade doesn't do more harm to the customer than benefit (is there any?) to the publisher."

Ironically, many graphics and gameplay issues plaguing Monster Hunter: World's PC version could've been fixed by Kaldaien for free, had Capcom not rushed it out the door. One would think that they'd take the time to polish the PC version to perfection, but now it seems they were more focused on the money they were supposed to make.

Unfortunately, financial analysts don't share Capcom's rose-tinted positive thinking and they've already degraded the company stock . I must admit I've been pondering this course of action for a while, since Monster Hunter: World has been a huge hit on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It stood to reason that the PC version will make an even bigger splash and while it's doing pretty well in terms of sales, Capcom's odds to maintain these revenues in long term are dropping by the minute.

You can find the Monster Hunter: World version of Special-K .

Monster Hunter World is not coming to Nintendo Switch

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The developers of MHW stated during the shareholder's meeting that the game won't be porting over to Switch. Capcom stated how the game can't be done on Switch and that the current focus is on the release of Monster Hunter World for PC.

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