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Fallout 76's first season pass points were busted, Bethesda issuing replacements

Published: 01:33, 18 July 2020
Fallout 76 - Flyboy
Fallout 76 - Flyboy

Bethesda recently kicked off the first season in Fallout 76 where the players were farming points for the pass but found themselves at a disadvantage. Devs acknowledged this and will be issuing challenges with rewards to compensate.

Fallout 76 saw the launch of The Legendary Run recently where players assume the role of Captain Cosmos on a board game type of display and race the evil Dr. Zorbo. This would be achieved by accruing S.C.O.R.E. points which would see the players move up on the board while the doctor would eventually reach the finish line by the time the season ended.

However, the players found themselves at a disadvantage when a bug kicked in, which is something no one saw coming, and some daily and weekly challenges would complete automatically. The kicker is that the players didn't get any credit for these so progress was hampered.

According to the company's latest post , they issued a hotfix that "addressed the vast majority of instances of this bug" and they are still working on a more definitive fix. While fixing the bug entirely sounds great, there is still the matter of challenges that went to waste and the eventual compensation for the players.

Bethesda noted that they can't send the points directly to so many players' accounts but they did announce a different way of compensation. They will add some additional challenges that are supposed to help make up for the S.C.O.R.E. points lost.

Fallout 76: Wastelanders

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Currently, there are additional daily challenges which will be running up until July 20, 2020. Furthermore, there will be additional challenges of both the daily and weekly variations towards the end of the season. On top of all that, there will be a double S.C.O.R.E. point event that is set to kick off on July 23.

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