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Fallout 76 price dropped just one week after release

Published: 12:37, 21 November 2018
Picture of three people looking at Appalachia in Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is failing to do the one thing it was apparently made for - printing money. Just one week after the release of Bethesda's attempt at games-as-a-service, its price was reduced at several storefronts due to poor reception.

Reviews for Fallout 76 are almost as much of a mess as the game is, and it's showing just seven days after the initial release. One could argue that players are review bombing the game on Metacritic, but when even the critics say it's a terrible mess made out of bugs and unfinished mechanics, something has got to give.

Well, it turns out that retailers are getting closer to giving Fallout 76 copies away, as they are already slashing the prices and planning to discount the game even more, come Black Friday. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game were priced at £45,95 on at the time of writing, which is still the regular range of AAA games. 

On the other hand, already offers the game for around 12 per cent off, at £39,95, with a disclaimer that the discount came from Black Friday. This turn of events raises suspicions that Bethesda even planned for a release date next to Black Friday, in case Fallout 76 bombed, no pun intended.

By obfuscating the discount as a Black Friday deal, Bethesda could potentially save face as they don't have to outright admit their game is not worth the AAA price. Then again, one has to wonder if it's worth paying for without a fat discount, since many fans now draw parallels between Bethesda's asset flip to that of Konami.

Bethesda Picture of a vault dweller holding a T-51b helmet Fallout 76

In our of Metal Gear Survive earlier this year, we noted that the game can be fun at times but is also a cash grab with a cheap development cycle, recommending potential buyers to wait until a 25 or 50 per cent sale. The kicker is, was priced at $39,99 / €39,99 / £34.99 , making it cheaper than Fallout 76 is with these apparent Black Friday deals.

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