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Fallout 76 might get single player servers, says Todd Howard

Published: 20:00, 02 July 2018
Picture of a massive sloth-like monster in Fallout 76
Fallout 76

Todd Howard is shining more light on Bethesda's upcoming survival take on Fallout universe, named Fallout 76. Fans have been worried about the lack of mods and single player in the game and Howard partially addressed these issues.

Todd Howard has been a tremendously busy man following E3 2019, leaving drops of info everywhere he engaged in an interview. Such as the case with the interview he had with the Italian gaming site where he revealed more about Bethesda's long term plans for Fallout 76.

It was already known that a single player mode and mods would not be available at launch but the folks at pressed Howard for information regarding these two crucial aspects of recent Fallout games. He finally gave in and revealed that single player might actually come to Fallout 76 as it's one of Bethesda's long term plans to give players servers where they could play all by their lonesome selves.

This would also mean the servers would allow players to bend the rules at their own discretion and apply mods as they wish. This is good news in a way, but also bad news in the sense that he specifically said it's part of Bethesda's long term plans meaning players will need a lot of patience until that day comes.

Howard was also asked to elaborate on player camps - what happens when a player goes offline, what happens when it gets nuked and if someone else attacks  your slice of post apocalyptic heaven. The answer to the first question is rather short - if you go offline, your camp goes into oblivion, never to return.

There was little further info on what happens when the area containing player's camp gets nuked but it's presumed it will have a slightly altered appearance afterwards, taking the form of a giant crater with irradiated Deathclaws around.

Bethesda Picture of The Greenbrier in Fallout 76 showing vegetation Fallout 76

The last question, about player's attacks on camps prompted the most interesting answer though, as Howard said that player camps can be damaged by other players, but not destroyed. This because it's possible to confine another player in the camp, so it would kind of suck if they were stuck in an indestructible cage.

Howard also answered questions about trading, beta, vehicles and more, all of which can be found on's website linked above. If you don't speak Italian, you can check for translation.

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