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Bethesda reveal Fallout 76 map name, trading & sleeping mechanics

Published: 16:05, 21 September 2018
Picture of the Guitar Sword from Fallout 76
Fallout 76 - Guitar Sword

More information about Fallout 76 is popping up as the game is approaching the beta test date. Bethesda have revealed that the map is called Appalachia along with weird swords as well as information about sleep and trade mechanics.

Bethesda revealed Appalachia's name on the official Fallout Twitter with a cheeky caption asking "How Appalachia differ from Commonwealth or Capital Wasteland? It starts with a Guitar Sword". To be fair, we already knew how it differs - it doesn't have NPCs you can interact with other than murdering them since they are hideously mutated hostile animals.

On the bright side of things, we did get a glimpse of a new weapon in Fallout 76 from the same , which is the Guitar Sword. The picture garnered a decent amount of attention, with some fans asking whether it could be played like an actual guitar, but Pete Hines shot these hopes down by that it can only be used as a weapon.

Hines didn't stop with information there though, as he replied to several other queries. For example, he revealed that players will be the ones to decide the price of their goods if they take up the merchant trade, even being able to give items away if they set their price to 0 caps.

Where did the caps come from though and when did they get recognised as currency in Appalachia though? Fallout 76 is supposed to be set just 25 years after the bombs dropped and there are apparently no humans around at all, .

While we wait for potential explanation of caps being instated as the new currency, Hines provided more information on what happens when players log out. More importantly, his reply to another question revealed that sleeping is not a mechanic entangled with logging off - player characters from the server when they do so.

Bethesda Picture of The Greenbrier in Fallout 76 showing vegetation Fallout 76

Some fans may have missed a tiny detail from the original post though - Bethesda mentioned only Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth, conveniently dropping Mojave Wasteland out of the equation. We would be hard pressed to remember a company attempting to hide such a success so hard at any given point in time of gaming history.

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