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Fallout 76 griefing prevention may prove to be impossible

Published: 21:23, 14 June 2018
Picture of a T-51b helmet in Fallout 76 with sun shining on it
Fallout 76

Pete Hines talked about PvP and cooperation in Fallout 76, shedding some light on how these systems might work in the game. He explained that Bethesda have some anti-griefing systems in place but just how effective can they actually be?

Apparently Bethesda's anti-griefing systems will not exactly prevent players from griefing one another, but rather make the game more challenging for the griefers. Considering Fallout 76 will force you to play in the same instance with other people, the question of griefing was inevitable. People are jerks, so they will always attempt to destroy your little post-apocalyptic playground.

Pete Hines mentioned in the video linked above that the game "will simply not allow" players to kill you over and over again. He didn't specifically say how it's going to stop them, but he noted that the PvP will be more of challenge issued type instead of a free for all.

Hines' repeated statement that the game will not allow aggressive players to kill you "over again" is somewhat worrisome. It pretty much means that nothing is stopping them from killing you the first time around.

He mentioned that the game will prevent players from killing you over and over "in a manner that bothers you" but what if it bothers me the first time around as well? It's not like anyone is looking forward to running across half the map because they got killed by a trigger happy player.

There will apparently be for players who keep griefing others but if they happen to be a large group, who is going to stop them? What if a griefer gets their hands on a nuke? There is currently an ocean of questions and just a puddle of half-answers at the moment which doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Hines has stated that there will be a "ridiculous number of quests" that the players may want to team up for. This brings up another potential issue - how deep will these quests actually be? Fallout 76 will not have any NPCs. How are players going to be immersed into it?

Bethesda Screenshot from Fallout 76 trailer where a player is killing someone named PGarvey Fallout 76 - Get rekt Preston

More questions again, and no answers. I may be just paranoid but this sounds awfully lot like the making of a shallow experience with foundations made of microtransactions. I hope that I'm wrong but we should know soon enough, as more information is bound to come out before Fallout 76's release on 14 November 2018.

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