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Fallout 76 microtransactions are becoming more than just annoying

Published: 23:30, 17 December 2018
Picture of Fallout 76's Atom shop offerings
Fallout 76 - Atom shop

Many gamers criticize Fortnite players for purchasing $20 skins, but then again, it's a popular game that many enjoy. Meanwhile, Fallout 76 is not nearly as enjoyable or popular, but Bethesda are putting $20 microtransactions bundles in it.

Fallout 76 backlash seems to know no end. This is probably in part due to Bethesda releasing the game at full AAA price without actually completing it, with players left feeling like they are playing a beta test that is already filled with microtransactions.

They are not exactly cheap either. Two seasonal bundles are priced at 2000 and 1200 Atoms, and are marketed as having been discounted by 30 per cent and 50 per cent, respectively. This translates to $20 for the Comin' to Town bundle or $12 for Holiday Emote Bundle.

To make matters worse, no one has ever had a chance to buy either of them at the supposed full prices, so players are raising concerns that these are actually the real prices and Bethesda are misleading their users into thinking they are getting a discount.

The more expensive bundle of the two is basically an outfit, with one model for male and one for female characters, while the emote bundle is misleading on its own. Once you see "emote" in a video game, you would likely think it has some sort of a character animation.

In Fallout 76's case, emotes are just glorified that pop up above players' characters once they are used. Therefore, Bethesda is selling 12 glorified stickers for $12. If people consider $20 for an outfit in a successful game like Fortnite a tad too much, it doesn't look well for Bethesda and their negatively received Fallout 76.

Bethesda Picture of a downed player in Fallout 76 Fallout 76

To be fair, Atoms can be earned in-game too, so the $20 and $12 prices are not set in stone, but even having new microtransactions popping in seems like an insult to injury of any disillusioned players that were unfortunate enough to spend their money and time on Fallout 76.

Bethesda's Fallout 76 releasing on 14 November 2018

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
During the E3 this year we had a chance to see Todd Howard present the new Fallout 76 where he talked about the location, map size and more. Beta was announced for early summer while the official release will be happening 14 November 2018.

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