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Fall Guys got plenty of upgrades besides Cheater Island

Published: 23:44, 15 September 2020
Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Mediatonic released an update for Fall Guys that should make the game both more enjoyable with many cheaters out of the way but also refreshed with a bunch of new content.

Fall Guys was updated with Epic Games' Easy Anti-Cheat in an attempt to deter insecure party poopers from ruining the fun and overall chill experience the game would normally offer to regular players. Everyone already talked about the Cheater Island but this is another layer of protection for the legitimate players, which shouldn't be overlooked.

On the topic of the legitimate players having fun, the game should feel refreshed with randomised round variations. The games in each round may look familiar initially but they will receive modifiers that will add new obstacles, random rotations and more in order to make each match feel different.

The mid-season patch also dealt with some network issues since Fall Guys' server stability, VFX improvements and other additions should make the game smoother. That said, make sure you have a decent connection, there is not much the devs can do about client-side lag.

Possibly the most impactful round-to-round change is the hammer obstacle course. That is what the Big Yeetus part of the last few days' hype was. The hammer can swing wildly to either propel jellybeans toward the finish or to their doom. Use with caution.

 So yeah, the devs literally meant there is a mechanic that will yeet you across the map now.

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