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Fall Guys cheaters will now play against each other

Published: 01:04, 15 September 2020
Fall Guys
Fall Guys

Fall Guys may have been one of the most chill games released recently but cheaters did their thing regardless. Now they are about to taste their own medicine.

Mediatonic took the fight fire with fire phrase quite literally as they are battling cheaters with other cheaters. Many players thought the devs wouldn't do anything about those who felt the need to cheat in probably the cutest game to come out in recent history but this wasn't the case.

The cheaters sometimes don't realise how much they ruin a game for others but they are about to find out on Cheater Island. According to the devs' post, this is where those insecure enough to hack in Fall Guys will be headed to.

It's not an actual island but rather a name for the matches where cheaters get thrown in together. There are two reasons why this didn't happen before.

First, the devs observed the cheaters without doing anything in order not to provoke the cheat makers into making more sophisticated software that could potentially elude detection.

The second part of the issue was that there weren't enough cheaters around to have a base large enough for consistent matchmaking. As the team kept banishing more and more cheaters, this became a possibility and videos of fully cheater lobbies started appearing.

Furthermore, the next update will apparently be dubbed Biggus Yeetus and Anti Cheatus and it will make the anti-cheat better at detecting the spoilsport in order to banish them to a cesspool with like-minded opponents.

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