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Former Obsidian dev likes Fallout 76 despite its flaws

Published: 13:59, 23 November 2018
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Fallout 76

Former Obsidian Entertainment dev David Lockwood posted his impressions on Reddit saying that Fallout 76 has great potential despite its serious flaws. He compiled a list of necessary fixes and potential additions for the future updates.

In the sea od average reviews and fan disappointment Fallout 76 occasionally receives some praise. This time it's coming from David Lockwood, the former Obsidian dev who worked on Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, Pillars of Eternity DLC and Pathfinder Adventures.

Sharing his opinion about the game in a lengthy Reddit post, Lockwood said he absolutely loves the game despite its serious flaws. He's currently on level 76 and can clearly feel the potential of Bethesda's title. 

Lockwood hopes that low sales don't affect the long-term development process as he and his team went through a similar experience. He said it's hard to watch all the cool post-launch plans getting axed just because the money isn't there.

Most of his play time was spent on playing solo and some co-op with friends and random strangers. He praises the player base as the friendliest he's ever encountered and says there's a sense of personal fulfillment in helping new players by dropping them some water or items.

Despite the huge love for the game, Lockwood also mentioned some serious issues and offered his advice on fixes and additions. The biggest one is game crashes, which occur far too often for his liking, at least once in every three-hour play to be more precise. 

Speaking about armour, Lockwood would like to see some balance changes and unique perks for regular armour to make them more lucrative and offer a better alternative for Power Armour which is not every player's cup of tea.

Another thing that bugged him was the limited stash size, he explained that Fallout 76 wants you to loot and break down everything but then it wants you to drop all of that on the ground.

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Lockwood understands the technical limitations that prevent stash size increase but says inventory space should be upgradable through crafting or perks. He will be happy to hear Bethesda announced the for this issue.

He also mentioned inventory UI saying that it could use a couple of more tabs for food and drugs management and that's something Fallout 76 modders have worked on.

You can check David's full Reddit post

Bethesda's Fallout 76 releasing on 14 November 2018

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During the E3 this year we had a chance to see Todd Howard present the new Fallout 76 where he talked about the location, map size and more. Beta was announced for early summer while the official release will be happening 14 November 2018.

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