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Epic dumps $12 million worth of Paragon assets on anyone who wants to use 'em

Published: 09:13, 22 March 2018
Epic Games
A secluded part of forest with a misty natural tunnel leading away from it

In a pretty strange act of benevolence from a gaming company, Epic Games, the name behind headline and chart busting game Fortnite: Battle Royale, have released all the assets used on their recently decommissioned MOBA, Paragon, for free.

It appears that Epic's insistence on focusing on Fortnite has paid off for everyone. We are talking about $12 million worth of assets that developers can use as they see fit, whether for personal use or commercial projects.

That's right, when Epic said free, they really meant free. Epic said each character pack comes with base meshes, textures, skins, animations, abilities and character effects, and even dialogue. Even more so, animation blueprints for Shinbi are reconstructed so as to show the process of setting them up for the rest of the models.

Epic Games A scarcely clad woman holding a sword on a white platform Paragon, Shinby

As for environments, Epic threw in elements from Monolith and Agora maps, like structures, turrets and such. Epic also threw in a sample map made with these, with some additions from Kite demo assets as well.

Epic say the Paragon assets work with Unreal Engine 4.19, whereas adding them is as simple as logging into epic games launcher and finding the Vault asset in the Library tab. Choose 'Add to Project' and voila, you're $12 million rich. Well, kind of - there's still a lot of pasta to go.

The company says they're excited to see what people do with them and we agree. In fact, we must applaud Epic's move - there's no need for assets to go to waste, especially when they could be turned into an educational experience.

Seeing as how this can be educational and commercial experience for independent developers, it's all the better and it seems like it would be very beneficial for the gaming market if other companies followed in suit.


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