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Fortnite getting new modes, 60fps for consoles

Published: 19:40, 10 February 2018
Poster for the game Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Battle Royale

Epic's latest feat had somewhat of a sweet and sour combination, what with the news of record traffic being diminished by server issues and other bugs. The company seems to be dead set on making it right though and has now laid out a roadmap, announcing 60fps on consoles, new servers, modes, cosmetics and much more.

that killed Fortnite's server hamster may have ruined Epic’s day, but, if true, the figures would mean Fortnite has already overtaken PUBG. The company owned up to their mistake though, and then some, admitting that v.2.3.0 was shipped with "significant bugs".

The devs highlighted the importance of limited time modes and announced a bunch for the next month. So, we'll be treated to Blitz modes, decreased time modes, team sizes from squad to 50 and the return of 50v50. This time however, 50v50 will feature a bus for each team, more supply drops and we'll be able to see all squad mates on the map.

Epic Games Concept art of a Chinese paper dragon against an orange backdrop Is it Chinese New Year's already?

Console owners will be glad to hear Fortnite will be running at 60fps by the end of the month, once again sticking it to PUBG, which runs at 30fps on Xbox. Speaking of Xbox, Epic has added more US West Coast Xbox servers and is planning on doing the same for Brazil. Building controls for console users will be touched up as well.

Matchmaking will be improved so as to ensure "creating matches with a more balanced distribution of skill" and Epic is planning on a host of updates to the social component. Furthermore, the game will be getting a larger map with zoom, loaded ammo display, ability to hold down search key when closing in on a searchable object and more.

Epic claims the art team has been having a blast and is planning on continuing in the footsteps of Fort Knights and Disco Heroes outfits. The company has also begun work on a pipeline, allowing them to add new parts and personalise gliders even further, which should drive the bling levels through the roof.

Epic Games A 3d modelled figure of astronaut depicting Fortnite's in-game outfit Epic is promising more outfits as well.

There is a slew of other improvements as well that you can find on .


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