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Epic Games are making a sandbox Limited Time Mode for Fortnite

Published: 11:31, 25 May 2018
A Llama shaped pinata from the popular game Fortnite
Fortnite's Llama shaped loot pinata

Epic Games have released another state of development regarding Fortnite, and offered insight into some fixes that are coming to the consoles, Limited Time Modes, performance and quality of life upgrades that will be coming in near future.

Fortnite players have been requesting an option to toggle off Edit Mode Aim Assist and Epic Games have heard their pleas. A magic button, or a checkbox is going to be added in v4.3 update in order to make console players' lives easier. They have also noted that Building Pro and Turbo Building inconsistencies will be addressed in the same patch.

On top of the building and Edit Mode changes, console players will now finally be able to remap controls. Epic Games have confirmed they are looking into different ways for players to rebind actions on their controllers, including ways to remap stick axis controls. This change will require a bit more work so it's not clear when it might land.

Limited Time Modes have proven to be major success for Epic Games and they're looking for new ways to provide fans with temporary diversions from the regular battle royale. Players have been recently requesting that 50v50 mode remains as a permanent game mode and Epic Games are evaluating that possibility. More info will be provided once they come to a decision.

Solo Showdown is Epic Games' way of focusing on different competitive modes in Fortnite. They have recently announced a for the esports aspect of the game and Solo Showdown is going to be the company's guinea pig of sorts, as it will serve Epic Games as a way to explore what competitive play in Fortnite may look like.

The Jetpack is a debut limited time item and Epic Games are planning to introduce these on regular basis in foreseeable future. These limited time items are going to be game changers but will likely not stay permanently in the game due to balancing issues.

The Playground Limited Time Mode will put players on the regular battle royale map but they will be encouraged to let their creative juices flow. Players will receive increased resource gains, plenty of Llamas across the battlefield and all treasure chests as well as ammo crates will be spawned.

Epic Games Fortnite's latest backpack item addition, the long awaited Jetpack Fortnite

There are several minor, but notable quality of life and performance changes Epic Games are planning to release. You can read all about them on .

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