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Epic Games announce tournaments all Fortnite platforms combined

Published: 23:07, 15 October 2018
Epic Games
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Epic Games have announced a new batch of tournaments in Fortnite, with a bit of a twist this time - anyone on any Fortnite compatible platform can participate, with the same rule set. Yes, that means keyboard+mouse vs controller vs touch.

Epic Games are calling these new events "in-game tournaments", and they will be available to every Fortnite player, on any platform. This may be a bit of a turn-off for players on iPhones and Android devices, as they will be matched against those using gamepads, keyboards and mice.

In their blog post, Epic Games stated that these events should present an equal opportunity to everyone. Their belief is based in their observations of several top players on gamepads, such as NickMercs, Ayden, KamoLRF, and AmarCoD. these players have apparently shown skill that matches that of top players who utilise keyboard and mouse input.

This decision is not set in stone though, as Epic have confirmed that they will be evaluating how these tournaments go in the future, and if enough people start complaining about unfair input disadvantage, the rules could still be changed.

Speaking of the rules, these cross-platform tournaments will follow a fairly familiar set of rules - players will earn points with good placings as well as high number of kills. The better a player performs, the higher the chance they will have to compete against other players who do well.

This system sounds a bit harsh on the first glance, as the players will be seemingly punished for doing well. Lower ranked players will get easier challenges as they will face other players with lower skill. This may cause imbalance in point gain and eventual rewards, but all that remains to be seen. Epic games might have contingencies in place for such anomalies, but they have not described them in the official blog post.

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In-game tournaments will be easily accessibly for anyone. Players will be able to jump in straight from the client, provided they are online at correct times. If you want to check the schedule, you can do so on Epic Games' .

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