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Elderborn is coming out Early Access soon

Published: 21:15, 18 January 2020

Hyperstrange folks announced that Elderborn will be coming out of Early Access on 30 January 2020. On that faithful day, players will be able to get their hands on the full version of the metal AF slasher that reminds of some classics.

Elderborn is a first-person action game where players will duke it out in melee against a pile of opponents and monsters. It usually reminds players of Dark Souls in first person due to the combat that puts emphasis on player skill but the setting will remind older gamers of some gory classics.

Considering that even the developers classified Elderborn as a "metal action fantasy slasher", it is not hard to imagine it have some connection to the good ol' Painkiller. While the latter is all about killing demons with various awesome ranged weapons, both games share the themes of carnage with metal blasting in the background.

The protagonist of Elderborn is not stuck in literal hell after a car crash but it's close - they are practically enslaved in gladiatorial battles and need to gore their way out. Keep in mind this is an indie title, which may be the reason why it might not reach your graphics standards of 2020.

According to the description on Steam, it should take players eight to 10 hours to beat the game and enjoy the things it has to offer, such as skill-based combat, RPG progression, hand-crafted worlds, enemies with varying combat styles and an epic heavy metal soundtrack.

Hyperstrange Elderborn Elderborn

While the graphics are not at Red Dead Redemption 2 level, the minimum specs for PC will need some decent hardware. Elderborn will require players to have at least an i5-7500 CPU. The GPU minimum requirement is a GeForce GTX 780M while the RAM requirement is just 4GB. Disk space requirement is even lower than that, with just 2GB needed, making Elderborn a rather quick download.

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