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EA's survey finds that inclusion and fighting toxicity are key

Published: 14:05, 20 March 2019
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EA has posted a lengthy survey recently, focusing on the issue of inclusion and the survey found that it is a pressing concern for many players. Additionally, the survey revealed that addressing toxic behaviour is more important than ever.

Of course, inclusion is a pretty wide term in gaming but EA covered all the bases, from customisation and skin/body types to in-game chat experiences and even features for those with special needs.

The survey included 2,252 console and PC gamers from the US, ranging from 13 to 54 years of age, who have a say when it comes to their household's entertainment purchases. 

According to the results, inclusion is indeed a pressing concern for many players and any eventual backlash actually comes from a minority of gamers. 

As much as 56 per cent of the surveyed gamers said they think it's important that developers make their games inclusive to wider audiences. Only 13 per cent said they don't really care while 31 per cent were neutral on the issue. 

Furthermore, 45 per cent of players said they were likelier to play a game if developers added inclusive features/content, although neutrals won this round with 48 per cent of votes. Only 7 per cent of gamers were less likely to play such a game.

Most gamers seem to agree that the situation has become much better in the past few years but there's still a lot to go, especially when it comes to online relations.

Namely, 14 per cent of players said that unfriendly player communities prevented them from enjoying certain games, which is the third most popular reason after game difficulty and the head start enjoyed by some players.

Note however that the majority of surveyed gamers also stressed that inclusion and the increase in representation should not be just a feature that is mandatory to be added to fall in line with current trends.

"They don't just want to see more variety of characters. They also want those characters to seem authentic and have substantial, meaningful roles instead of falling into stereotypes", they wrote.

EA Slide showing results of EA's survey on inclusivity in games EA's survey, pressing concerns

As you can see from the above slide, toxicity remains to be one of the top 3 concerns for most gamers, along with game quality and sequel quality. 

You can find the survey along with the rest of the results .

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