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EA and DICE announce Battlefield V beta for September 2018

Published: 12:49, 21 August 2018
A WWII soldier walking over a vast corn field in Battlefield V
Battlefield V

DICE and EA have announced that Battlefield V's open beta commences on 6 September 2018. Unless of course you've pre-ordered , in which case you can get an early taste of the action on 4 September, with two maps and Grand Operations.

The two maps in question are part of the 64-player Conquest mode and these are Rotterdam, which took quite the beating from Germans in WWII, and Arctic Fyord, which is set in Narvik, Norway. Even without looking at the actual in-game maps, both of these fronts are gems from the standpoint of historical warfare so hopefully, DICE have done a good job in recreating them.

The announcement describes the Conquest mode is basically a fight for "control of key locations on a massive multiplayer map". It will employ fortifications, towable weaponry and squad reinforcement system too. From the tidbits of gameplay I've seen on Battlefield V's Gamescom trailer, the Rotterdam map looks like one seriously fun affair. Well, at least when you're winning.

Grand Operations are said to be available in the open beta for two days and the mode seems perhaps even more interesting than Conquest. It seems like DICE have gone out of their way to actually infuse some real world warfare experience into it, since a round of play represents a full day of historical battle, with each round affecting the ones that follow.

Up to 64 players can choose to take part in Airborne and Breakthrough modes, which will only be available on the Arctic Fjord map. So who said Battlefield V ain't going for realism? Just kidding, we all did.

Battlefield V's open beta will also bring a preview of the Tides of War in a five-part chapter, although DICE promises the mode to be dynamic, with "a new narrative every few months". Completing the chapter earns you an exclusive in-game dog tag at launch.

EA DICE Player is reloading his Stg 44 during Battlefield V gameplay Battlefield V

In case you're dead set on getting a taste of Battlefield V early, there's still time to preorder. Who knows, maybe EA thanks you, since they've been not going as well as they planned.

You can find the official Battlefield V open beta announcement .

AltChar reminds you that pre-ordering disqualifies you from crying and moaning if the game turns out to be a hot mess, since you should always aim to look before you leap. That being said, it's your money - so do with it what you want.

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