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Dying Light developer Techland are working on a fantasy open-world RPG

Published: 14:37, 17 May 2022
Dying Light screenshot showcasing the main protagonist and vast open world
Dying Light

Techland are on a hiring spree for their brand new game which will be an open-world action-RPG in a fantasy setting. 

In addition to working on Dying Light 2 post-launch content, Polish developer Techland are slowly but surely starting work on their brand new game. The developer posted a bunch of job listings on their website and shared an ad via Twitter, confirming that their next title will be another massive open-world RPG, but this time, instead of a post-apocalyptic setting, the studio decided to go for magic and swords. 

"Are you ready to begin a new, thrilling journey with Techland? We are hiring for the unannounced AAA Open World Action-RPG in a fantasy setting!"

The details about the project are non-existent which is obvious since we just learned that the game is a fantasy RPG but we expect to hear more about it in the coming years. It's still way too soon for trailers and gameplay but perhaps next year, or the year after we get to see something. 

Techland Ad for the job offers that might be the first concept art of the new fantasy RPG Ad for the job offers that might be the first concept art of the new fantasy RPG

Though, we are intrigued by the concept art that was published as an ad. It shows what appears to be a samurai warrior looking at the distant ruins and waterfall set in a lush jungle. If this is the early concept art of the new game, then we cannot wait to see more, it looks fairly cool!

Techland have previously mentioned that they will be supporting Dying Light 2 for many many years, so they will be developing this new title alongside the new content for their most recent zombie open-world horror game. 

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