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DOOM Eternal gameplay is the most brutal thing you'll see today

Published: 23:43, 10 August 2018
Screen capture from gameplay video of DOOM Eternal
DOOM Eternal

During a QuakeCon keynote, id Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin showed off lengthy sections of DOOM Eternal gameplay and revealed that you'll be able to invade your friends' campaigns as demons, potentially teaming up with others.

Before we dig into the juicy details, DOOM fans should know that the dev is really keen on building a characteristic universe in DOOM Eternal, which means that the game is packed with some familiar and some brand new locations. Each of them will ooze the game's lore though and the team said that exploration will be very rewarding for through and through fans.

Around the 1:13:30 is where the good stuff starts and apparently, the DOOM Slayer will be the most lethal version of himself yet. Good old shotgun with a new addition meathook, return of the pulse rifle, everything is in place for proper hectic carnage that the franchise is famous for.

And hectic it is, as you'll soon see, with the tempo of the game matched only by the extent of brutality you'll witness. The melee takedowns are particularly juicy and DOOM Eternal looks like a whole lotta fun packed in a whole lotta gore - just like we like it.

The soundtrack is traditionally DOOM sounding as well, further adding urgency to the bloodbath. Not quite metal, but brutal enough either way. All in all, the game is shaping up to be a mustn't-miss title, perhaps even more so than its predecessor. Also, the combo of new and old enemies really ties the room together.

Interestingly enough, the team revealed that there will be an option to invade your friends' campaigns in the role of a demon, and even team up with others and form a party. Naturally, you'll be able to choose whether you're up for this sort of multiplayer, although it seems like a pretty clever way to spice up DOOM Eternal's singleplayer.

If you're interested solely in the gameplay, you can skip over to 1:16:22.

That's not the end to the surprises as DOOM Eternal launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, surprise surprise, on Nintendo Switch.

Bethesda Concept art for the protagonist of DOOM Eternal DOOM Eternal

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