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Activision Blizzard stock plummets after Diablo Immortal reveal

Published: 08:40, 12 November 2018
Activision Blizzard
Picture of Activision Blizzard banners at a convention
Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard stock fell down to 15-month-low on 09 November 2018. The two glaring issues that are most likely to blame here are Activision's struggle to resuscitate Destiny 2 and the horrific reveal of Diablo Immortal for mobile.

Activision has pooped the pooch a long time ago with Destiny 2 but they have been attempting to revive the game by offering it for free, as well as a discount on Forsaken DLC that would net you all the content released so far for just $29,99 / €29,99 / ~£26,49.

Their recent release, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was well received in general, but fans are slowly starting to push back, as naggy microtransactions were recently . Shareholders seem to have noticed the negative trends in the company as the stock started falling rapidly on 17 October 2018.

The real plunge, however, started with 02 November 2018 when Activision Blizzard's stock started falling from $68,99, stopping at $54,12 on 09 November 2018. The stock value crashed by a stunning $14,87 in a span of one week.

As you may have guessed by now, 02 November 2018 is also when Blizzard announced Diablo immortal, with fans being so thoroughly disillusioned with the company's decision to release a mobile microtransaction-pumping-app instead of a PC game, that some of them couldn't hold it and now .

The trailer embedded above stood at 23K to 612K like to dislike ratio at the time of writing and is well on its way to making it into videos on YouTube. These indicators show just how unhappy fans are with the announcement so it's not really a surprise that shareholders noticed.

Blizzard picture showing demon from Diablo Immortal with smartphone mockup Diablo Immortal

It's still quite possible that the stock will skyrocket once Diablo Immortal actually launches as the game will most likely be available in China as NetEase are handling the development. Factor in the microtransactions and it should be a jackpot for Blizzard, but a major loss for any Diablo fans.

Diablo Immortal, a mobile game by NetEase and Blizzard

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Diablo Immortal

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