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Destiny 2: Whitherhoard launcher one shots raid bosses

Published: 13:21, 11 June 2020
Destiny 2, Whitherhoard launcher
Destiny 2, Whitherhoard launcher

There's a lot of excitement surrounding Destiny 2 these days, rightfully so, but some things flew under the radar, like the new exotic grenade launcher Whitherhoard one-shot killing raid bosses.

Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals' new addition was meant to be an area control weapon, albeit quite destructive on direct hits, but this is another level of destructive. And it's even worse when more players use Whitherhoard simultaneously.

It didn't take long for Destiny 2 players to notice, and it would've probably been exploited more if it wasn't so easy. Well, we've no doubt some will still be riding that train until Bungie patch it out, but c'mon - how is this even fun? Okay, other than the sounds of laughter by everyone involved. 

Thankfully, Bungie saw this and their response is actually pretty cool, and definitely shows just how far they went from the split with Activision. Even if they claim that it didn't affect Destiny 2 at all.

In response, Bungie's community manager wrote, "1. Oh no 2. This is absolutely, positively going to be fixed 3. Enjoy it while it lasts".

Whitherboard aside, Destiny 2 has been quite the talking point lately, as Bungie announced expansions for 2021 and 2022 when everyone was expecting just one. The dev said to expect big twists in both in terms of expansions and their destinations, and we can't recall seeing the community more excited.

If you're interested in learning more about Whitherhoard, you can do so in our PvP and PvE overview here .

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