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Bungie: How Destiny 2 community brought back Trials of Osiris

Published: 19:05, 04 March 2020
Warmind Bunkers in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy
Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy, Warmind Bunkers

Writing in the PlayStation Blog, Bungie's designer Drew Martineau discussed how the studio got the Destiny 2 community to come together and rebuild the lighthouse ahead of the return of Trials of Osiris in the upcoming Season of the Worthy.

Trials of Osiris has been one of the most popular Destiny 2 modes, or Bungie's "pinnacle PvP experience" as they wrote, and it's no wonder fans were so anxious to see it return. Which it will, once Season of the Worthy launches on 10 March , although the Trials of Osiris kick off three days later, 13 March 2020. 

"From the beginning, the mysterious obelisks were a key component for Season of Dawn. They were originally only placed on destination worlds (EDZ, Nessus, Mars, and Tangled Shore) and they were tied more closely to the return of Saint-14, which we knew would be the main narrative focus for the Season", Martineau wrote. 

While the central Tower obelisk didn't exist at this time, and Bungie were still pondering to have the likes of Shaxx and Zavala give players gifts to decorate the hangar and celebrate Saint's return. 

Apparently, creating the Tower obelisk took a lot of discussions and playtesting. However, it simplified things for players, who didn't have to travel to each destination to pick up weapon bounties. 

Throughout this time, other parts of Bungie's team were busy bringing back the Trials of Osiris as they were well aware that this is the best possible gifts for the Destiny 2 community.

Bungie Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy roadmap slide Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy roadmap

"For me, the big 'ring the bell' moment was when we realized that it should be the players themselves that brought back Trials. That’s when we came up with the idea of rebuilding the Lighthouse via donations to the Empyrean Foundation. Here was our opportunity to not just create something fun for players to play and talk about, but that would also allow players to bring about meaningful change. There was still a ton of work to do, but we were all excited about the direction", Martineau wrote. 

Bungie had great fun with parts of the Empyrean Foundation, finding it particularly interesting how Destiny 2 players took to the donate vs. invest part. This is especially so towards the end Season, with all the discussion of pros and cons of each. 

"We took away a lot of great lessons from the Empyrean Foundation, lessons that I think will help us as we continue to build opportunities for our players to show their impact on the world of Destiny. Now that the Lighthouse is lit, Trials of Osiris awaits", he wrote. 

Bungie Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy Guardian Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy

You can find his post on the PlayStation Blog .

Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy brings back Trials of Osiris

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Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy

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