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Destiny 2 to rework orb generation with Witch Queen

Published: 13:46, 14 January 2022
Destiny 2 - Titan engaging a Servitor
Destiny 2 - Titan engaging a Servitor

Destiny 2 will refresh the gameplay loop a little bit by changing the way Orbs of Power are generated when the next expansion launches.

Orbs of Power are quite important in Destiny 2 - they power up the players' Super ability and provide additional benefits if you have the corresponding armour mods. However, the orbs could get a bit scarce when the players are pressured to generate them with weapons alone, which is one of the reasons Bungie is changing the way this process with the Witch Queen expansion.

For example, Exotic weapons are beloved even without Catalysts and these upgrades can't even be acquired for some of them. As such, they would be unable to generate Orbs in the current system. With the arrival of the next expansion, you will be able to generate Orbs even if your weapon is not masterworked or doesn't have a Catalyst.

This will be done through dedicated mods that can be slotted into the Helmet Armour Mod socket. Those who like to use more than one mod for aim assistance will probably not like this but the change undeniably opens up a wide variety of builds. Orb generation mods will be unlocked automatically for everyone, all you need to do is not forget to slot them.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Whisper of the Worm Didn't get the Catalyst? No problem, have an Orb

Furthermore, it appears these mods will be focusing on providing Orbs through kills with certain weapon damage types, not with multikills. As such, Osmosis will probably become a more popular option in the future but it remains to be seen how the meta shifts after the change.

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