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Destiny 2 streamer comes up with a creative cheat, still gets banned

Published: 13:20, 13 May 2020
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Cheaters in Destiny 2 are a major problem but they are usually unimaginative wallhack or aimbot users. One streamer managed to cheat and gain an advantage by using multiple input methods but still got the hammer.

Destiny 2 is duking it out with aimbots and wallhacks in Trials but sometimes also the regular Crucible and Gambit because apparently seeing everyone on the radar and bullet magnetism are not enough on their own.

From time to time, the cheaters happen to be actual streamers when they forget to hide the additional UI from their audience. Every once in a blue moon though, we get to see a gem unlike any other and this time it was a streamer named Worthy.

This particular gentleman came up with a cheat that didn't employ any of the run of the mill software we tend to recognise quickly these days but a rather elaborate setup that gave him advantage.

As it turns out, the streamer used an oddball setup where he held a controller in his left hand, using the left stick for movement. His right hand was controlling the mouse.

Normally, you could see this as a self-imposed handicap due to it being an unorthodox input method but Destiny 2, like many other games, offers aim assist for those that use controllers. And yes, the game detected the controller as the input method. In other words, Worthy manipulated the hardware and the game mechanics in order to get the technically legal aim assist while playing with a mouse.

Worthy initially claimed innocence when he was originally called out on Twitter but eventually confessed to using XIM, which allows unsupported input methods such as the weird combo in his case. Unfortunately for him, Bungie don't allow modified hardware either and his ban is therefore justified.

The cheater's social media is deleted as of the time of writing but the good news is that this is the internet and anything that gets posted there is never truly deleted. SirDimetrious documented everything in the video embedded below so you can see what it looks like to play with a mouse when you have aim assist.

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