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Destiny 2 Season 17 challenges leak in full

Published: 14:11, 15 June 2022
Destiny 2
Destiny 2

Season of the Haunted challenges are all now visible, six weeks before the final set will be revealed officially.

Destiny 2 still has a bunch of seasonal challenges left before Season 18 kicks in and now you can see all of them. Since the first four weeks have already been revealed in-game, we will only list the ones from Week 5 onwards.

Week 5 challenges

  • Sorrow Bound V (Complete weekly quest, kill Nightmares on the moon)
  • Nightmare Containment III (Do Containment)
  • Empty Grief (Complete Sever - Grief by using only Void, Kinetic and Stasis weapons)
  • Umbral Focusing II (Focus weapons and armour at the Crown)
  • Linking the Chain of Command (Acquire the LMG from playlist progression)
  • Sunburn (Kill Guardians, bonus for Solar effect kills)
  • Leviathan Reaper - Cabal and Nightmare Bosses (Kill Cabal bosses in strikes, Nightmares anywhere)

Week 6 challenges

  • Sorrow Bound VI (Complete weekly quest, do Lost Sectors anywhere)
  • Sparking Rage (Complete Sever - Rage by only using Arc, Kinetic or Stasis weapons)
  • Vestiges of Dread II (Collect Vestiges, loot Leviathan materials)
  • Glean Cut (Kill enemies on Leviathan with Glaive or Sword, kill powerful Cabal in Sever)
  • Apex Armorer (Masterwork a piece of armour)
  • Absolutely Stunning (Stun Champions)
  • Crucible Ornament (Get Shaxx's ornament for Chain of Command)

Week 7 challenges

  • Sorrow Bound VII (Complete weekly quest, kill Champions in Leviathan)
  • Nullifying Reconciliation (Complete Sever - Reconciliation using only Void, Kinetic and Stasis weapons)
  • Binding II (Complete Tier 3 of Containment, open Opulent Chests)
  • Shape of Nightmares II (Craft any Haunted weapon)
  • Beam Cannon (Use Trace Rifles and Shotguns to kill enemies in Gambit)
  • Fleeting Glory (Complete Crucible matches in Glory playlist)
  • Grandmaster (Complete a GM Nightfall)

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Week 8 challenges

  • Shocking Forgiveness (Complete Sever - Forgiveness using only Arc, Kinetic and Stasis weapons)
  • Vestiges of Dread III (Loot Vestiges and Leviathan chests)
  • Umbral Focusing III (Focus weapons and armour at the Crown)
  • Pinnacle (Reach 1,570 power)
  • Widepoint Calibration (Kill stuff with Trace Rifles and Shotguns, bonus for Guardians)
  • Gambit Ornament (Get Drifter's ornament for Chain of Command)

Week 9 challenges

  • Warm Resolve (Complete Sever - Resolve using only Solar, Kinetic and Stasis weapons)
  • Cabal Tactics (On Leviathan, kill enemies with Rocket Launchers. Also kill three or more enemies at once, multiple times)
  • Armory-Wide Calibration (Kill enemies with Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons. Bonus against Champions)
  • Solar Gambit (Kill enemies in Gambit. Bonus with Solar effects and for Guardians)
  • Trial by Firing Squad (Win 20 rounds in Trials)
  • Solar Vanguard (Kill enemies with Solar effects in Vanguard playlist)

Week 10 challenges

  • Haunting Cacophony (Kill enemies on Leviathan with LMGs, kill powerful Scorn in Sever)
  • Europa Activities (Complete bounties, patrols, events and Lost Sectors on Europa)
  • Vanguard Ornament (Get Zavala's ornament for Chain of Command)

Some of the challenges are retroactive. There is a total of 75 challenges over the course of the season and you need to complete 72 for the Bright Dust challenge.

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