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Destiny 2 celebrates its third week at number one

Published: 19:05, 25 September 2017
Updated: 11:04, 02 October 2017
Destiny 2

Destiny 2 continues to rule the UK charts, unphased by the number of new releases. Project Cars 2 debuted at number two, pushing both NBA 2K18 and PES 2018 back by one. Nintendo's Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver Version entered the Top 40.

Destiny 2 celebrates its third successive week at number one on the UK sales charts. Good job . In other news, six new releases have joined the Top 40 list this week. The first new release on the list is Project Cars 2 by Bandai Namco and Slightly Mad Studios. Project Cars 2 debuted at number two. The original game launched at number one back in 2015.

NBA 2K18 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 each took a step back this week, with NBA 2K18 of PES 2018.

Bandai Namco Project Cars 2 Project Cars 2

Nintendo’s Pokken Tournament DX a.k.a. debuted at number five. Grand Theft Auto V has already begun its inevitable ascend back to the north of the charts. *Insert an unfunny joke about Game Of Thrones here.* I'm such a nerd.

Former ruler of the charts, Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is now at number seven. Last week, the Bandicoot was at number nine. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy fell to number eight. Forza Horizon 3 is at number nine, and Lego Worlds just got back into the Top 10.

Moving on to the rest of the Top 40. Can't miss talking about the other new releases. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite debuted at number 12. Nintendo's Pokemon Gold Version debuted at number 18 and Pokemon Silver Version is at number 21. The games are re-releases that take us back to 2001 when the two were first released on Gameboy Colour. They still remain the 4th and the 6th all-time best sellers of all Pokemon games in the UK. Yaay.

Telltale Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two

The final new release this week is Minecraft Story Mode Season 2, debuting at number 25.

The top 10 looks like this:

1. Destiny 2

2. Project Cars 2

3. NBA 2K18

4. PES 2018

5. Pokken Tournament DX

6. GTA V

7. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

8. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

9. Forza Horizon 3

10. Lego Worlds

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