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Demon Hunter and Death Knight Shadowlands class changes detailed

Published: 20:38, 09 April 2020
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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Shadowlands release is nearing, the beta is upon us and Blizzard decided to officially show the class changes coming with the World of Warcraft expansion to those not participating in the testing. The list is bulky and here are the changes for two of the classes.

Blizzard described some of the class changes coming with Shadowlands and even with the short descriptions, there are plenty to go around. We highlighted Death Knight and Demon Hunter changes in this article, with more to come.

Death Knight

  • Lichborne temporarily turns the DK undead
  • Sacrificial Pact sacrifices one minion, it explodes and deals AoE damage while the DK gets healed
  • Chains of Ice will bind the enemies to DKs


  • Blood Tap consumes a dead enemy's essence to generate one Rune. Gets recharged when a Bone Shield charge is used. Blood DKs gain this ability without having to invest in it as a talent
  • Relish in Blood heals based on each active Bone Shield charge and grants 5 Runic Power if Death and Decay is cast with Crimson Scourge active


  • Can choose between a two-handed or two one-handed weapons
  • Frostwyrm's Fury available to Frost DKs without having to invest a talent point
  • Hypothermic Presence halves the Runic Power cost of abilities for a time


  • Summon Gargoyle available to Unholy DKs without the need to invest a talent point
  • Army of the Damned summons Magus of the Dead
  • Epidemic reduces cooldown of Army of the Dead
  • Apocalypse also summons the Magus
    • Cooldown reduced by Epidemic and Death Coil
  • Mastery: Dreadblade increases the DK's shadow damage and the damage of their minions

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World of Warcraft's seventh expansion comes out in mid 2018

Demon Hunter

  • Fury is now the only resource
  • Immolation aura is available for both specs


  • Unending Hatred passive increases their Fury pool
  • Dark Slash talent is now Essence Break. Temporarily increases the damage of Chaos Strike and Blade Dance


  • Demonic is now a talent, Fel Devastation is a base ability
  • Demonic causes them to temporarily enter Metamorphosis after Fel Devastation
  • Bulk Extraction rips soul shards of up to five enemies around Demon Hunter and consumes them
  • Ruinous Bulwark increases the healing from Fel Devastation. Overhealing is converted into a shield
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