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Defenders of Ekron heading to Steam and PlayStation 4

Published: 08:22, 01 June 2017
Updated: 16:57, 15 November 2018
In Vitro Games
Defenders of Ekron

In Vitro Games is a developer studio based in Chile. Defenders of Ekron is their top-down open-world shooter attempt which will launch for Steam and PlayStation 4 in July this year. This will mark the studio's debut on PlaySstation 4.

In Vitro Games is an independent game development studio with its headquarters in Chile. Their latest project, Defenders of Ekron is a top-down adventure shoot ‘em up that will be available on Steam and PlayStation 4 on 11 July. The game will serve as the studio's first major console release. 

So what is Defenders of Ekron exactly? As I said its a top-down adventure shoot ‘em up, with some mechanics not specific to its genre. Defenders will let you roam freely and explore its world plus there will be some mixed combat of melee variety. Oh and there's a hard rock soundtrack by the in-house band, Action Replay.

In Vitro Games Defenders of Ekron Defenders of Ekron

What's the story? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to take on the role of Eneas, a young cadet eager to prove himself and become a Anakim pilot. Anakim is, as we all know, "an advanced mech capable of absorbing and transforming the energy around it into a special ability".

Now hold on to your controllers, as something will go not-according-to-plan. Eneas’ Anakim doesn't develop the special ability and our hero is now in the second stage of his journey. The game promises a 360° shooting range, a shady government and a couple of modes: exploration and battle.

In Vitro Games Defenders of Ekron Defenders of Ekron

In exploration modes you'll be tasked with navigating the game in search of your enemies, and in the battle modes you'll well, battle, but also learn skills and polish your play style. There are some abilities like pyromancy, dashing, sword-fighting and more which you can upgrade as you please. 

11 July will see Defenders of Ekron launch for Steam and PlayStation 4, and the game will be priced around £11.99.

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