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Death Stranding release date revealed, coming 8 November 2019

Published: 16:35, 29 May 2019
death stranding screenshot showing a man walking towards a lake
Death Stranding

Kojima Productions and Sony have officially confirmed that PS4 exclusive Death Stranding will launch on 08 November 2019. The release date was revealed in the latest trailer which also included new story, combat and open world details.

One of the most anticipated games in the last few years, Hideo Kojima's mysterious project Death Stranding finally has a release date and it's coming sooner than you may expect - 08 November 2019

The release date was revealed along with a bunch of new footage in the latest trailer that was teased for some time on Twitch. The trailer revealed full cast, gave us a small hint at the game's story, antagonists and various time periods, including World War I and what looks like Vietnam war.

In the trailer, there is a mention of a militant separatist group named Homo Demens. They are described as a "bunch of terrorists, who go around the town killing people and leaving craters". These will be just one of the threat in Death Stranding but the ultimate enemy is mentioned in the trailer as "BTs" who are a threat to even Demens. 

Players won't be able to spot these creatures, only sense them but with a special gadget named Bridge baby, your job of avoiding these mysterious enemies should be much easier. With Bridge baby, players will be able to scan the area and temporarily reveal BTs.

Also, we got to see what happens once they notice you. It looks like they will follow the trail you leave behind, which should add much more complexity to hide and seek game with these creatures.

The trailer also showed us the first footage of multiple regions within the game's world. From rocky Iceland-like terrain to snowy mountain peaks, dense forests and swamps, Death Stranding's world will offer a lot of variety. 

To travel through these locations, players will have at least one vehicle available and it's been revealed in the trailer. It's a futuristic bike that you will be able to use in more open locations. However, if you get stuck in canyons or run into obstacles where your bike won't do the job, Death Stranding has special ladders, climbing gear and other sorts of gadgets to help you on your adventure.

Sony death stranding screenshot showing a man wearing a golden mask and black robe Death Stranding

All in all, the trailer really looks really impressive and the only bit that didn't shine was a certain gameplay shot that showed us some combat. It felt clunky for some reason, but hopefully, that will get ironed out in the next few months.

Death Stranding, upcoming PS4 exclusive by Kojima Productions

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Death Stranding

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