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Days Gone: Survival, Melee and Ranged specialities and skills

Published: 10:56, 08 April 2019
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Days Gone Skills

Days Gone Skill Tree and Specialities have been revealed and detailed in the latest video from YouTuber JorRaptor. In Days Gone, you will have Survival, Melee and Ranged specialities that will offer unique Skill Tree for each speciality.

Only a few more weeks are left until we get our hands on SIE Bend Studio's zombie survival adventure Days Gone. Recently, we got a lot of new details about the gameplay mechanics and story, and today, we have a first look at the skills and specialities thanks to the YouTuber named JorRaptor.

In a 14 minute video, JorRapotor breaks down the three Skill Trees that offer a unique path for certain gameplay styles. 

In Days Gone, you will have three different specialities - Survival, Melee and Ranged. As the names suggest these specialities will focus on scavenging and gathering things for survival, close combat and crossbows and guns respectively.

Each speciality will have a total of 15 skills split into five tiers that you'll have to unlock chronologically. This could suggest that Days Gone may incentivise players to focus on one playstyle instead of combining the skill trees. Of course, this is just a prediction and we'll have to wait for the release before we know if this will be the case.

Survival Skill Tree features skills for highlighting nearby items, retrieving of crossbow bolts, survival vision and also some stealth based skills like Thief in the Night that reduces moving and dropping noise you make. 

As for the Melee Skill Tree, again, pretty standard stuff that we already saw in previous action adventures and survivals. Melee skills will give you the ability to stun and take down smaller enemies, repair your weapons, dodge and roll and gain stamina quicker. 

And last but not least, Ranged Skill Tree features skills that allow you to slow down time when aiming and focus on enemies, increase your precision and ammo capacity and gain health when you headshot enemies.

Sony melee skill tree in days gone Melee Skill tree

You can watch JorRaptor's for a detailed look at the skills and specialisations, and for more news about Days Gone, check out the full  .

Days Gone, open world zombie survival game by SIE Bend

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Days Gone

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