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Days Gone gets a trailer, Sarah & Deacon's Wedding

Published: 18:42, 13 February 2019
Updated: 18:44, 13 February 2019
Days Gone protagonist looking at a derelict train-yard
Days Gone, Must've been one hell of a party last night

The new trailer for Days Gone is just in time for Valentine's Day and although love's the theme SIE Bend's team chose to stick with, it's not a very happy one. Dubbed Sarah & Deacon's wedding, it's a closer look at the story's protagonist.

A closer look in two timelines, in fact, as we get to see Deacon St. John back when he was still single and stuttering through his vows. Not that their marriage makes for a great Valentine's tale, but Days Gone isn't a very pleasing story to begin with.

The actual reality of Deacon's existence is in about the same shape as the burned down church though, as he's quickly reminded that it's the survival of the fittest is the name of the game.

Unlike the earlier trailers, this one is a look at Days Gone's protagonist and the life he's left behind, which in sharp contrast to the zombie-infested landscape he lives in now.

Days Gone is "set in the beautiful, volcanic scarred high-desert of the Pacific Northwest, two years after a zombie-making pandemic has all but wiped out the population.

Deacon is one of the survivors who refuse to live in encampments and instead prefers the company of his steed, i.e. motorcycle, which will be your main means of transportation across the world of Days Gone.

When it comes to trailers, Sony did a pretty good job with the as well, although it's probably the that show the game in proper light.

After all, SIE Bend studio have made sure at Days Gone's zombies, or freakers as they call 'em, are not the slowly advancing kind you can run circles around and take potshots - it's the rabid and incredibly quick kind. The key art you see below is right about the quantity of them too.

Sony Key art for SIE Bend Studio's open world survival Days Gone Days Gone, key art

The studio recently delved deeper into different types of freakers you'll be encountering in Days Gone, more on which you can find

Days Gone is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it's slated for launch on 26 April 2019.

Days Gone, open world zombie survival game by SIE Bend

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Days Gone

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