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Dawn of War 3 new environment showcase trailer

Published: 15:53, 02 March 2017
Dawn of War III

Dawn of War 3 has a brand new trailer

Relic, the game's developer gave a sneak peek into some of the environments found in the game. Each of the four environments showcased in the trailer has behind it an intent and a purpose. Art director Matt Kuzminski and Tristan Brett, the lead environment artist, take us through their vision of the Dawn of War III world.

Cyprus Ultima is a medieval world, full of little details, reflecting the lifestyle of its people, while the Cage World is a sort of alien world with "alive" block formations which can form different stuctures.

Relic Dawn of War III Relic Dawn of War III

Starfort is a gothic setting with giant cathedrals and massive cannons, and Acheron is a frozen world with a molten core.

Dawn of War III is set for a PC launch in 2017.

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