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Dawn of War III gets a free weekend to go with major update

Published: 16:34, 20 October 2017
The council of Eldar in Relic's Dawn of War 3
Dawn of War 3 - Eldar

Dawn of War III will be free on Steam for anyone interested in a quick look at the game during the coming weekend. The free trial is paired with the game's latest update adding new maps and units along with minor fixes.

There was a time when additional content for a Dawn of War game meant a new campaign, a new faction, new units for all existing factions, several new multiplayer maps and various balancing and UI improvements on top. Since the phrase expansion pack has become a dirty thing to say in the AAA games industry, the latest update for Dawn of War III only consists of a few new units, three maps and some multiplayer options. I guess most of Relic Entertainment are busy with the new game.

YouTube Dawn of War III - Thieving Magpies Dawn of War III - Thieving Magpies

The update is already live, and anyone who doesn't own the game already can take it for a test run over the coming weekend. We already touched on Dawn of War III's in the past, and time hasn't done the game any good. The MOBAesque RTS title has sold less than half a million copies and concurrent player numbers were dipping dangerously close to the lower end of the three figure zone shortly before the current update and free promo event, if stats are anything to go by.

Relic are probably still trying to breathe some life into the game after the less than stellar launch. The last time a more substantial update was released, the game received an Annihilation game mode probably aimed at players who preferred more RTS and less MOBA in their strategy titles. Player numbers slightly rose and fell back down to less than admirable counts in a very short while.

The current Endless War update adds some features to multiplayer matches that should help drive the game back onto the RTS path it strayed from initially, enabling players to toggle several of the game's more MOBA influenced elements.

Relic Dawn of War III Dawn of War III

You can find a detailed description of what is included in the update over on Relic's for Dawn of War III, and if you are looking to try the title free of charge then Steam is the . The game will also be 50 per cent off during this time.

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