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Cuphead launch on iOS is fake

Published: 13:01, 20 December 2017
Studio MDHR
Cup headed creature fighting monsters

Cuphead, a charming little retro platform game has finally hit the App Store at an unbelievable price of only £4.99/$4.99 but there’s a single catch - it’s fake and you probably threw your cash away. Not that we’re happy, mind you, we just thought you should know.

Just when the general public read The Dev That Cried Wolf and learned not to trust developers, Studio MDHR, the guys behind Cuphead, pointed out that the game will be exclusive to Microsoft. This means Windows 10 and Xbox One, but part of the public apparently didn’t believe that and went for it anyway. The fact that it’s a competitor’s application store didn’t seem to bother them neither. After all - they’re Apple fans.

It has since been confirmed that the website listed in the App Store entry is actually a clone of the original website. As it stands, it’s hosted on a Hungarian website and the default language on the YouTube drop down menu seems to corroborate that.

Studio MDHR Two air planes fighting totem monsters Cuphead

Studio MDHR delivered an official announcement of the app being fake via twitter. Apparently, they’re working to have it taken down as soon as possible. Might we advise some caution with your cash until then? Great, righty then.

While we’re on the subject and I’m sure that Apple fans can’t relate, Cuphead is a described as a “run and gun action game heavily focused on boss battles.” Basically it’s a platformer, a difficult one, that closely mimics Mickey Mouse cartoons from the dawn of cartoons. The game is gunning for a true retro experience with hand drawn cel animation, quirky characters, lush environments and matching jazz tunes that seem ripped straight from vinyl to further drive the point home. Seriously, it’ll have your grandfather dancing in a jiffy, so you can keep pounding your keyboard in peace.


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