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Cuphead appears to be coming to PlayStation 4

Published: 10:16, 28 July 2020
Studio MDHR
Cuphead and Mugman shooting at two giant frogs

PlayStation 4 players may soon find that their cup hath runneth over, as Studio MDHR seem to be launching their platformer Cuphead for Sony crowds very, very soon.

We suppose it's only fair that PlayStation 4 owners feel the pain for a bit - you'll know it when you see it or, to be more precise, feel it. 

Anyway, Cuphead is appearing on international PSN stores, and while the listing isn't loading yet, it seems the little guy's arrival is imminent. The leak, no pun intended, comes from Wario64, who tends to be on point with these things. 

If you needed more confirmation, Geoff Keighley tweeted out, "Tomorrow at 11 am ET / 8 am PT join me for a special update from one of our favorite indie game studios". It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to see the writing on the wall, and we will know for sure in a few hours. 

In case you're not prepared what you're about to experience - Cuphead is an awesome old-school platformer that will challenge you much in the way the coin arcade machines do. There are easier difficulties to help you progress, mind you, but mastering it is as rewarding as it is difficult. 

In terms of visuals, Cuphead is a pure delight, made in the vein of 1930s cartoons from Fleischer and Disney studios. We're talking about simple, loopy animations that worked great for the era, which were painstakingly recreated by hand by Studio MDHR and crafted into one of the best platformers the industry has seen. 

PlayStation 4 is the last remaining piece in the Cuphead puzzle, but better late than never we always say. Sony have, in the meantime, removed the listing but the cup is out of the bag. 

Studio MDHR Cup headed creature fighting monsters Cuphead

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