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Crysis Twitter teasing Nomad's return in latest cryptic message

Published: 16:31, 14 April 2020
Crysis screenshot showing nomad

Crytek have continued to tease a new Crysis project over on Twitter. This time, they tweeted "Hey Nomad, you're still with us?" suggesting a return of the iconic protagonist from the original Crysis game.

New day, new tease. Crytek have shared another cryptic message via their social media channels. This time, the devs posted a simple question: "Hey Nomad, you're still with us?". 

The hardcore fans of the sci-fi franchise will easily recognize the line since it is the first bit of dialogue from the original Crysis game when Nomad opens his eyes on the plane before the halo jump and Jester asks him the mentioned question. This suggests that Crytek are indeed teasing a remake or remaster of the first Crysis title.

Of course, there is a small possibility that the project is a brand new game with Nomad as the main character but do not get your hopes up just yet. 

Yesterday, official Crysis Twitter posted "Receiving Data" message , which started a hype train among the Crysis fans who are now speculating what exactly is this new project about. 

Some suggest that it is a remaster of the original game with RTX ray tracing support while others point out that Crytek already teased Crysis Remake in the CryEngine 5.6 trailer. You can check out the tease below.

Crytek Cryengine screenshot showing crysis remastered Crysis tease

If you are unfamiliar with the game, Crysis released in 2007 with stunning visuals that required a beefy PC to be able to run the game in buttery smooth frame rate, hence the meme "But can it run Crysis?" which is still popular to this day.

Over the years, EA and Crytek release three more Crysis games - Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 - but since 2013, not a lot has been said about the franchise. Hopefully, 2020 will mark a proper return for the beloved game.

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