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Crysis Twitter posts cryptic message, suggesting an imminent announcement

Published: 15:27, 13 April 2020
Picture of a dude in a nano suit in Crysis

Crytek are teasing something big over at Crysis Twitter. A message "Receiving Data" has been posted on the official profile after more than four years of silence, suggesting an imminent announcement.

It looks like there is an imminent announcement coming from Crytek, the studio behind the critically acclaimed shooter Crysis. Over at Twitter, the developers have posted a cryptic message which simply states "Receiving Data".

At the moment, it is not clear what this exactly means but it looks like we are about the get some pretty big news about the Crysis franchise pretty soon. 

As you may know, a completely remade version of one of the iconic locations in Crysis has recently been showcased in the CryEngine 5.6 Techdemo, which you can watch below.

Many fans assumed that Crytek could be teasing a remake or a remaster of the iconic shooter or even a brand new Crysis game. Whether that is the case it remains to be seen but it is only a matter of time before we get the announcement especially after the latest tweet.

Crytek Cryengine screenshot showing crysis remastered Crysis tease

Crysis originally released way back in 2007 as the most impressive-looking game at that time. To this day, players are still using the iconic phrase "Can it run Crysis?" due to the game's insanely high demands, which put the majority of 2007 PCs to its knees.

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