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Rumour: Alien Isolation devs are working on a new hero shooter

Published: 15:14, 11 July 2019
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Alien Isolation

The creators of the critically acclaimed horror Alien Isolation - Creative Assembly - are working on a new hero shooter game according to the latest job listing. CA are looking for a Lead Hero Designer for a brand new tactical shooter IP.

Earlier this year, British developer Creative Assembly confirmed that they are working on a new first-person shooter game, which started rumours about Alien Isolation sequel or a brand new Alien title. However, many Alien fans will be disappointed to hear that Creative Assembly's upcoming shooter is totally different from their critically acclaimed horror.

In fact, it's a new hero shooter, similar to Overwatch, according to the latest job listing on Jobvite website. Creative Assembly are looking for a Lead Hero Designer to work on "a brand-new and exciting first-person tactical shooter IP".

The priority of Lead Hero Designer would be to ensure the development of exciting playable characters with "a range of amazing thought and play provoking specialities". The perfect candidate would also need a broad understanding of monetisation and rewards, which suggests that cosmetics and microtransactions could be one of the key elements in Creative Assembly's new title.

Furthermore, Lead Hero Designer would work closely with production to create and maintain the hero development roadmap, again, suggesting that we're potentially looking at a live service title with a lot of content updates.

Creative Assembly are yet to talk about their new game. We don't even know the name, or if it's going to be a realistic shooter like Rainbow Six Siege or something more similar to the visual style of Overwatch.

FoxNet picture showing female character hiding from alien Alien Isolation

When Creative Assembly officially announced the new project, they mentioned that Elysium and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp visited the studio to take a closer look at the new game.

Could this mean that Neill is somehow involved in the project? Who knows, but it's a possibility and it wouldn't be the first time that South African-born director is working on a video game.

Whatever this new game from CA is, we hope to hear about it in the near future.

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