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Crackdown 3 may be delayed again, this time until 2019

Published: 12:35, 07 June 2018
Crackdown 3's protagonist is looking at an undisclosed location off the camera
Crackdown 3

Microsoft's in-house efforts are not going well apparently, as Crackdown 3 may be delayed again. The game has faced these issues several times before, but this time around it may not be due to development problems, but rather competition.

Crackdown 3 was originally slated for a November 2017 release, but it was delayed until 2018. Now that it's 2018, the game seems to be stuck in limbo, or at least it will be until 2019. Considering that Xbox exclusives don't seem to be all that impressive at the moment, Crackdown's delay may prove to be problematic.

According to Kotaku's report, reasons for the delays are numerous. First up was a polarising showing at E3 2017 which was followed by "severe development struggles" that first pushed the game back to spring 2018 window, which might extend to 2019 now. The third instalment in Crackdown series is being developed by Sumo Digital, Reagent Games, Ruffian Games and Cloudgine. 

Kotaku's  didn't specify whether the development issues were caused by miscommunication between the developer studios or other sort of incompatibilities but the release may not even be delayed due to development issues alone. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming on 26 October 2018 causing pretty much every console game to try and avoid that release window.

The game will also be an open world action that will feature destructible environments which sounds awfully similar to Red Faction Guerilla. This one already has a fan base that was established almost a decade ago when it earned critical acclaim, and the remaster is also coming to the consoles. may have posed a threat to Microsoft's potential sales if Crackdown 3 were to be released in the same time window. Granted, these are just theories at the moment, as no official statement is available.

Microsoft A building is burning down in Crackdown 3 in a giant explosion Crackdown 3 - Environmental destruction

Kotaku noted they have requested a comment from Microsoft, but they did not immediately respond. That said, a some sort of statement is not entirely excluded in the near future.

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