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Crackdown 3 tries to revive dead multiplayer with progression

Published: 10:07, 31 May 2019
Crackdown 3's protagonist is looking at an undisclosed location off the camera
Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has been in development for centuries and when it finally arrived, the reception was mediocre at best. Multiplayer was soon deserted but Microsoft are now trying to revive it by adding a progression system in the latest patch.

Crackdown 3 turned out to be one of the major flops in 2019 whose failure was rivalled only by Anthem so far. Still, the latter seems to have a bit of a community left which is not the case for Crackdown 3's multiplayer.

Microsoft's studios are working on salvaging the situation and have added a progression system to Wrecking Zone. Fighting other players will award Agency Points, a fancy way of saying PvP progression currency.

Players can use it to unlock cosmetics but most of them seem to be simple retextures rather than actual new armour models so it is hard to gauge if this will pique anyone's interest.

Considering it sometimes takes literal to get into a match, it's hard to imagine the wacky skins will make it worth the players' time to grind them up. Cosmetic incentives are fine on their own but Wrecking Zone proved to be uninteresting and bland to players, hinting that the real problem could be solved by making the content actually interesting instead of paying players in cosmetics to mull through boring PvP that can't even be accessed most of the time.

In general, these new cosmetics seem to be a waste of time and resources for the developers but it is here nonetheless.

The other, more interesting addition that came with Crackdown 3 Extra Edition is Keys to the City which will likely translate to a sandbox version of Michael Bay's wet dream.

Microsoft A building is burning down in Crackdown 3 in a giant explosion Crackdown 3 - Environmental destruction

Players will be able to use "all the toys" to modify the playground however they like. The trailer above mostly showed blowing things up with small, medium and big explosions which is a joy in itself. Agent stats will be modifiable too, in case you wanted to super punch a car or something.

Unleashing the tools for player creativity is definitely a good addition that will be interesting until Blizzard brings the Overwatch Workshop to consoles.

Crackdown, a sandbox action game by Microsoft Studio

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Crackdown 3

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