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Crackdown 3 achievements list has been revealed by Microsoft

Published: 12:20, 06 February 2019
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Crackdown 3

Microsoft have officially revealed the full list of Crackdown 3 achievements, which players will get to earn on 15 February. The list counts a total of 70 achievements and they are split into single player and multiplayer categories.

After many ups and downs and delays, Crackdown 3 is finally releasing in just over a week. Microsoft recently shared a launch trailer for the game, and to keep the hype levels as high as possible, they also revealed the full list of achievements, which players will get to earn.

The list counts 70 achievements, which are split into singleplayer and multiplayer categories dubbed Campaign and Wrecking Zone, respectively. Crackdown 3 will ship with 1500 Gamerscore, 1000 for the Campaign and 500 for Wrecking Zone.

As expected, many Campaign achievements are locked behind story missions but a lot of them also encourage players to take out enemies in different ways. 

For example, Fun With Gravity requires you to catch 3 enemies with the Oblivion or Singularity Grenade while Pounding Headache gets unlocked once you demolish 5 enemies with a single Ground Pound.

Fists Of BOOM will require quite a rampage as you'll have to kill 5 enemies with a melee attack in just 5 seconds.

There are also achievements for completing side missions such as rooftop and road races while The Ringer will unlock once you drive through every stunt ring in New Providence with a single agent. 

The list is pretty huge and you can visit the website for a closer look at all achievements. As for the multiplayer achievements they are listed below.

  • That’s One! - Win a match
  • Demolition Man - Deal a large amount damage to buildings in a single match
  • Finding your Rhythm - Win 20 matches
  • Team Slayer - Kill an entire team in a single match
  • A ton weight - Reach 100 Kills
  • Arms Dealer - Get a kill with every weapon in a single match
  • Hidden or Dangerous - Complete a match without dying
  • Smackdown - Get a melee kill
  • Apex Hunter - Get MVP in Agent Hunter
  • Hunter Gatherer - Collect 100 Badges
  • The Landlord - Capture 100 Territories
  • It’s my Island - Get MVP in Territories

Microsoft Crackdown 3 Crackdown 3

As you can see, the multiplayer achievements require various activities from capturing territories, getting kills and going into a proper Rambo mode to eliminate an entire team and finish the match without getting killed.

Crackdown is out 15 February 2019 for PC and Xbox One.

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