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Crackdown 3 review roundup: The wait wasn't worth it

Published: 14:42, 15 February 2019
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Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has finally dropped today along with a bunch of reviews from gaming critics. Judging by average score on Metacritic, it doesn't look good for Xbox Game Studios' returning action-adventure which is described as a major flop.

After many twists and turns in the development process, Crackdown 3 is finally launching today, 15 February 2019. Of course, just with like any other game, gaming websites and critics are offering their impressions and thoughts on Xbox Game Studios' returning action-adventure, and it's not looking good for the super-powered Agent.

At the moment, 46 reviews are currently in and the average score on Metacritic for Xbox One version is 60. With five positive, five negative and 36 mixed reviews it's probably not what the studio hoped for.

Olivia White considers Crackdown 3's open world "fairly uninspiring". She says that there is very little reason to play the game over other similar titles like Saints Row IV. White concluded her review by saying that she can't see how Microsoft expect people to pay AAA price for such a "single-minded and inoffensive" title.

IGN's review states that Crackdown 3's "mediocre campaign barely evolves after the opening hours". Apparently, everything looked more than enough on paper but the game "quickly becomes repetitive" while combat is also underwhelming outside of a couple of boss fights. score is 5 out of 10.

Crackdown 3 is a "disappointing, dated return" according to . They found the objectives repetitive and uninteresting while most of the enemies are little more than "cannon fodder". Gamespot also disliked driving physics which they described as "frustratingly imprecise". Their review in progress score is 5 out of 10.

To , Crackdown 3 feels "patched together" and like someone just barely "saved it at the last minute after an overlong development cycle". Crackdown 3's missions "lack quantity" while the open world scale never impresses and misses a sense of "grandiosity".

Microsoft Crackdown 3 Crackdown 3

As for user reviews on Metacritic, well, they are really, really polarising. At the time of writing, there is a total of 44 reviews, 20 of them are positive while 24 are negative with not a single one mixed.

While some are saying that Crackdown 3 looks "spectacular" and a "simple, solid fun" others were pretty harsh stating that the game looks like its come "straight from mobile".

Crackdown, a sandbox action game by Microsoft Studio

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Crackdown 3

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