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Control post-launch roadmap includes Alan Wake expansion

Published: 12:21, 13 September 2019
control artwork teasing alan wake dlc
Control - Alan Wake DLC teaser

Remedy Entertainment creative director Sam Lake has shared an image on Twitter which reveals the post-launch content for the studio's latest action-adventure Control. By the looks of it, Control will introduce Alan Wake DLC in mid 2020.

Alan Wake fans have been craving for another game for years now but the developer Remedy Entertainment only recently announced that they've successfully secured the publishing rights for the game from Microsoft.

The company didn't reveal plans for a new game but since the Alan Wake franchise is now in the hands of its creator, many players are expecting confirmation that a new game is indeed in development.

And while we wait, Remedy have something else in mind. Sam Lake, who acts as a creative director at the company shared an image on Twitter, which contains the post-launch content plans for Control, the latest action-adventure from Remedy.

As you can see in the image below, Control will get several updates in the near future but the most interesting part is the final expansion dubbed "AWE". The expansion tease obviously uses Alan Wake font and also includes the Alan Wake cover for the top image, revealing the writer with a flashlight standing in the middle of the forest.

The second part of the image features Control protagonist Jesse Faden fighting the Hiss in the Federal Bureau of Control. In Control, AWE stands for Altered World Event but it could also mean Alan Wake Experience or Alan Wake Episode.

And while the tease looks pretty obvious and clear, Lake and Remedy haven't actually announced Alan Wake expansion but it shouldn't be too long before that happens.

Whether this will be just an expansion for Control or something much more it remains to be seen. Our optimistic guess would be that Remedy Entertainment are working on a new Alan Wake game and this DLC could be a part of the promotion before the official reveal. Fingers crossed that this is indeed the case.

Remedy Control artwork showing post launch roadmap Control roadmap

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