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Funcom release Conan Exiles update dubbed Mother of all Patches

Published: 09:30, 07 July 2018
Some belly dancer is attempting to survive in a lush area in Exiled Lands
Conan Exiles

Funcom have released a gigantic patch for their survival game Conan Exiles. While it brings many improvements to the game, as well as bug fixes, it has also completely broken it for some, proving that big doesn't always mean good.

One of the most anticipated features was the addition of clan hierarchy. Players who join a clan will get the rank of recruit now and will not have access to the vault until they get manually promoted to member, officer or guild leader status.

Another highlight is not an exactly crucial feature but a welcome addition to immersion - threat animations. Several animals that are not naturally aggressive will first give players a warning by entering a threatening stance if they feel their personal space is compromised. 

While Mother of all Patches contains many bug fixes, one in particular proved to be intersting. Apparently Funcom fixed a lot of "facederp", or wonky facial animations, so enemies don't look ridiculous anymore. Funcom's example of the enemy's stare was as if they found out that "their mother and father were brother and sister". Not sure if they mean incest or both parents changing their gender at some point, or both.

There are still some bugs that Funcom are aware of but Conan Exiles will still have to suffer for a while, until the fixing is done. Some of them include permanent blood stains, small well placement and aggressive enemies being inexplicably pacified at times. These bugs are still work in progress but should be removed in near future.

If you would like to check all of the patch notes, you may want to check Conan Exiles' , but be ready for a wall of text that can rival the Great Chinese Wall itself.

Funcom Players are preparing to fight some giant dude in a cave Conan Exiles

While it's a massive patch, it still can't rival The Witcher 3's . With huge patches comes a great number of bugs though, at least in Funcom's case, as many players are now reporting new bugs in the comment section, with some of them being completely unable to launch the game.

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